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Please fill out this brief form and share a little about yourself if you are comfortable doing that now. If you would like to get more information, but feel more comfortable texting or calling us at 1-800-923-6784 please do! You will never be judged. We are here to help you where you are today.

We can send you confidential adoption paperwork and profiles by mail in a plain box with nothing on it that mentions adoption. You may also speak to an adoption coordinator that will take your information over the phone and email you adoptive family websites that meet your requirements.

You can also view adoptive parent profiles here. When you see adoptive parents you are interested in, you can message or call them. We can set up a time you can speak or text them.

Remember, there is a family for every child. We just need to learn more about your situation, needs, and wants. What is important to you in an adoptive family for your child?

There are many reasons birth mothers make the decision to place their child in adoption. Some reasons might be financial, or maybe you are struggling to make ends meet and may feel your situation won’t change for a while. Some birth mothers shared they want more for their child than they can provide. They want to ensure their child will have a good education.

“The reason I decided on adoption for my son was wanting more for him. Love was the most important of the reasons. I just wanted to make sure that he would be LOVED. I knew that I could have given him all the love he needed, but that was probably all I could have given him. The parents he is with have much more, and that has allowed me peace in my decision. I am glad I had support from the my adoption staff and my friends!”

Besides financial challenges, you might be facing other problems. Some women who turn to adoption struggle with an abusive partner, health issues, or the ability to adequately parent their children. Sometimes it may be that you can only care for the children you are currently parenting but not another newborn. That is OK and it’s good that you are aware of your limitations. It’s normal and healthy to know what you can and can’t do.

Some birth mothers don’t have family support or support of the father of her children. Or perhaps there are different fathers for your other children that you receive little or no support from. This can be difficult when you are trying to be the primary parent and caretaker, care for yourself, work and pay bills and are pregnant. We can help you sort all of this out. You don’t have to wonder how to get help with making an adoption plan. There is never a cost to you. In most states you might be able to get help with expenses during the adoption process.

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