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A Letter from David & Betsy

Thank you so much for considering our family and reading our profile. We are an active, adventurous, and engaged family of five constantly seeking to learn, grow, and spend time together. We have three children, one adopted, and two biological and we are excited to adopt again!

About Us

We first met in our Kentucky hometown’s church and have been best friends since the age of twelve. We have been married for twelve years now and have a strong marriage based on a lasting friendship. The Army has taken us to Germany, Alabama, California, and Japan (where we live now).  Obviously, we love to travel, but parenting has been our favorite adventure. In 2014 we were blessed with the birth of our daughter Zoey and, two years later, we were overjoyed to adopt our son, Simon. Two years after welcoming Simon into the family we were blessed with the birth of our second daughter, Edie. We are thrilled to now grow our family once more through adoption. Our family enjoys doing all sorts of things together: playing board games, bike rides, swimming, cooking, and especially exploring new places. We are excited to share our love for adventure and activity with your child.

Meet Betsy... David Says

Betsy is grounded, organized, joyful, and confident. She was an elementary school teacher for four years before she decided to volunteer full-time and later become a stay-at-home mom, which she loves and still does today. She is very intelligent and driven. Betsy loves being a homemaker and enjoys teaching our children everything from how to read to how to ride a bike. She’s excited to teach your child as well! Betsy likes to cook – her enchiladas are unbelievable. She also enjoys leading and participating in women’s Bible studies. In her free time, Betsy can be found reading, exercising, or Facetiming family and friends.

Meet David... Betsy Says

David is hard working, energetic, dependable, has a streak of goofiness, and has the ability to make our family laugh, no matter the circumstance! He is an incredible father; he is a “baby whisperer” and can answer the kids’ hard science questions with ease. David works hard as an Army acquisitions officer and has many interesting hobbies, including scuba diving, where he’s gotten a chance to explore a sunken underwater ship; virtual reality gaming, where he plays in a league with a group of friends; and woodworking, his latest project was a beautiful set of tables which sit in our home. He loves getting on the floor and playing with our kids and is excited to have another “wrestling” partner in the mix.

Meet Zoey, Simon and Edie

We have three energetic children. Zoey is our seven-year-old ball of energy and fun. Zoey attends Japanese public school, and she can speak, read and write in Japanese! We chose Japanese school for her because we value education and diverse experiences, and we see a huge benefit to being multi-lingual. Zoey attends STEM and gymnastics classes and loves LEGO and reading. Simon is our super funny five-year-old, who also attends Japanese preschool and is learning to speak the language! Simon has a lot of innate musical ability and we are focused on encouraging his talent. Simon loves riding his bike and swimming. Betsy is also teaching him to read. Edie is three years old and is a very curious, independent person. Edie’s favorite toys are her stuffed animals and baby dolls. She also loves to read books and we often catch her reciting books to her stuffed animals.

Our Home in Japan and Our Family and Friends

Our two-story townhome has three bedrooms with lots of play spaces and a nursery ready for your child. We live in a friendly neighborhood where families with children of all ages live around us. We love to frequent the beach which is just twenty minutes away. We have a community pool, library, and many parks just a short bike ride or walk from our home. Our church is a short drive away and our children love participating in our church’s children’s programs.

Along with many close military friends, we have several long-time friends from our hometown and colleges, so our children have several “honorary” uncles, aunts, and cousins. Our children have 2 great-grandparents, 4 grandparents, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. We have a huge extended family totaling over 100 people- all of whom are overjoyed to meet your child!

Our Promise

We promise to be excellent role models to your child, demonstrating hard work, integrity, and kindness. We have a strong faith in God and are committed to raising our children so that they develop their own relationships with Jesus as they mature. We also promise to give your child diverse opportunities to learn and grow in his or her unique strengths and talents, with the goal that they grow to be a kind, responsible and well-rounded, positive contributor to our world. We will love them dearly, support them as they learn and encourage them in all that they do.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About David & Betsy

  David Betsy
Our EducationBS in Language Studies and MS in Management BS in Elementary Education and MS in Special Education
Our ProfessionsWorks in contracting for the US ArmyStay-at-Home Wife and Parent
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of David & Betsy's Favorites
FoodBuffalo Wings or Buffalo Chicken PizzaHomemade General Tso's Chicken
Place to VacationIcelandAny Beach
Genre to ReadFantasyBiographies
SongTrials by StarsetLove Like This by Lauren Daigle
SplurgeVolz Family Recipe Homemade Grape PieChocolate Chip Cookies with Coffee Ice Cream
SportSoccerGolf and Soccer
More About Our Family
David and Betsy - The Early Years and Military Life

As teenagers, we lived about a mile away from one another and we had a great friendship, which centered around doing fun activities together. David would often come over to Betsy's to play one-on-one basketball, we would sled together at the local sledding hill on snow days in Kentucky and we even played on the same indoor soccer team for a season as Seniors in high school. The two of us still have a lot of fun together, and now, 12 years into marriage, we continue to do lots of activities and try new things as a couple and we love to include our children in many of these activities with us. Some of the things we like to do together are: travel, exercise, golf, ski, snorkel, play complicated board games, and watch movies and shows together.

Even though our family moves more often than most due to David's job in the military, we have been able to maintain close connection with our family in Kentucky and Ohio, through Facetime, regular texting and social media. We also believe that these moves have been amazing growing experiences for our children and have taught each of them how to make friends, try new things, and in general become well-rounded people. We have been blessed with each move to develop extensive networks of friends which we would call "family" through our church, coworkers and neighbors at each new location.

More About Betsy - from David!

Betsy is the kindest and most giving person that I've ever met. She will give and give of herself to anyone that needs, especially our family. She gives each of our children personal attention, observing their strengths and likes and helps them through things. She's taught Zoey to read and write English and she practices Japanese with her - Betsy has studied English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese at different points. She's helping our kids understand music, art, reading, and so much more. Betsy loves God's Word and enjoys leading women's Bible studies at our church- she makes friends with almost anyone. She also loves to cook! She is outstanding in the kitchen and makes homemade enchiladas that are AMAZING- she can cook a steak to perfection. Betsy has a secret family salsa recipe that is a must for taco-night. Her desserts (cookies especially) are a family favorite! My favorite thing, though, is the huge smile that she has when she's spending time with us.

More About David - from Betsy!

One of the things that I have to highlight about David is his creativity! David is essentially a self-taught jack-of-all-trades. If there's an online instructional video about it, David can figure out how to do it. He's the smartest person I know. Over the years I have watched him use a computer program to compose an original instrumental song (he's never had any formal musical training), he also developed an interest in woodworking and bought a few slabs of a tree in Alabama, which he turned into gorgeous coffee and end tables for our living room. He even took apart and rebuilt our current computer with just online videos as his guide! Once David hammered out red soda cans and overlaid them onto cardboard to construct a giant heart with tons of little compartments that each contained a reason he loved me - it was a great Valentine's day gift. He also took Zoey out to the local hardware store here in Japan to buy some PVC piping which he combined with some table cloths to construct an indoor fort for our kids in our living room! David loves the Lord and loves our family. He is a deep thinker, a problem-solver and is kind and thoughtful in his interactions with each of our children and with me.

Holidays With Our Family

Something unique about our family is that we put up decorations around our house for nearly every holiday! We also have a book bin of special holiday books that only come out during that season. Our house is adorned with snowmen in January, hearts in February, shamrocks in March, you get the idea! Our children love helping to put up decorations, so it looks a little different each time! Every Thanksgiving, along with inviting family members to our house, we open our home to the many soldiers and families near our home who may be unable to spend the holiday with their families. Our personal family goal is that no one we know celebrates this holiday alone. Betsy prepares a massive feast for everyone and we all give thanks together. For Christmas we often travel back to Kentucky or have relatives from there come to visit us, our tree remains up until after New Years Day every year, because David loves the ambiance it gives our home. We also like to get together with neighbors and church friends for Easter for a potluck brunch after church - but we try to avoid the sunrise services - half our family are "night owls!"

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months


Yes! We would love twins.



In Closing

We are so thankful that you gave us the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves. We are excited to speak with you and learn a little more about who you are and about your child.

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