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A Letter from Cody & Molly

Hello from Nebraska! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We are very excited to become first time parents to a child of any race or gender. We are looking forward to sharing the love of Jesus, music, bedtime stories and prayers, and adventure with your child. We are praying for a peace and comfort for you during this journey and are looking forward to talking with you.

Our Story

We met through Molly’s friend at college- basically on a blind date! We talked on the phone for about 3 weeks before meeting each other in person with a group of our friends. We got married about 2 years later in 2017. We are filled with joy and happiness at the thought of becoming parents through adoption. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Misty is a collie mix, and Maverick is a full-bred Havanese. They both are playful and love people. Musky is our cat; he loves exploring outside and sleeping in the sun.  We love all 3 of our animals like family, and we are looking forward to adding a child to our lives.

We enjoy music and dancing in the kitchen. Cody has Christian music playing all day long. We both enjoy taking adventures and traveling especially to the ocean and mountains. Being outside, playing board games, watching movies, and cooking/baking together are some fun activities that we enjoy doing. Our families love to play games together! Your child will learn so many tricks to win from their grandpas. We look forward to having your child join in on the family fun!

Meet Cody (by Molly)

Cody is my best friend. He loves his job at the church and being able to lend a helping hand to those in need. He is such an intelligent man, loves Jesus, and can fix anything! I am looking forward to watching him teach our child how to fix things and work with their hands.  He has a great sense of humor that makes me laugh every day. Cody enjoys the “oldie” TV shows with his favorites being Hogan’s Heroes and The Andy Griffith Show. Cody loves to sit on the front porch, drink coffee, visit with family, and watch the sunset. He is quiet, family-oriented, and enjoys the simplicity of life while still being fun! Cody will be a great father because he has such a loving and caring heart.  He will be our child’s biggest fan by teaching them, attending their after school events, and encouraging them!

Meet Molly (by Cody)

Molly is by far my better half!  She has the best sense of humor, loves Jesus, and the way she loves people is so contagious, especially children.  She volunteers with the children’s ministry at our church and loves teaching them. As I have watched Molly laugh and play with our nieces and nephew, I smile knowing she will be a great mother.  Molly loves watching Hallmark and comedy movies, with her favorite movie being Sweet Home Alabama.  Baking is one of her favorite things. Your child will enjoy many homemade goodies such as cookies, muffins, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls. Molly enjoys swimming, board games, reading Christian Romance books, and putting big puzzles together.  Molly will be our child’s biggest supporter by helping, teaching, and comforting them.

Our Home in Nebraska

We live in a small town in Nebraska. Our house is a cozy 4-bedroom farmhouse, on the family ranch with barn cats, horses, and chickens. There are 3 homes on the ranch, with one of them being Cody’s parents’ house. We really enjoy the countryside, as there is so much room to run, play, take walks and have campfires with s’mores. We love looking up and seeing the clear night sky with all the stars.

Our Family

We are very close with our families and are fortunate to live close to each of them. Molly’s parents live about an hour away, along with our siblings and a niece and nephew. We try and see them at least once a month. Cody’s parents are just 100 yards away, so we are fortunate to see them and Cody’s siblings throughout the week. We enjoy watching movies, playing tons of games, and cooking/baking when we are with our families. We coordinate holidays to make sure we get every ounce of family time.  For Thanksgiving, we always have a cousin basketball game. For Christmas we enjoy making cut out cookies, going to the Christmas Eve service, and of course waking up to see what Santa brought. Our families are all so excited to welcome your child, and can’t wait to shower them with love.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to raise your child in an unconditionally loving and laughter-filled home. We will raise your child to know Jesus and to be a friend to others. Bedtime stories and prayers will be part of our day to day lives. We will be their biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  We will raise them to know you and how much love you have for them. If you are comfortable, we will gladly share letters, photos, and have once a year visits. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Cody & Molly

  Cody Molly
Our EducationAssociates DegreeAssociates Degree
Our ProfessionsMedia DirectorSchool Bookkeeper
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Cody & Molly's Favorites
Favorite ColorTealOrange
Favorite FoodBBQ RibsSchwans Chicken Strips and French Fries
Favorite GameCribbage Settlers of Catan
Favorite Vacation SpotThe MountainsThe Ocean
Favorite HobbyPlaying GuitarPlaying the Piano
Favorite TV ShowHogans Heros Last Man Standing
Favorite Activity Relaxing with FamilySwimming
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both enjoy country living. Looking up and seeing all the stars on a clear night sky is incredible, it just shows how amazing our God really is. Taking evening walks together has become one of our favorite things to do. Molly loves the piano, swimming, and baking little goodies. Cody loves guitars, coffee, and relaxing on the porch. Our families are very close to us and we know they will love your child unconditionally.
Board games such as Cribbage, Catan, and Yahtzee are a few of our favorites. We also love plants and gardening. Molly enjoys flowers and bushes, and Cody enjoys peppers and trees. Vacations are also a passion of ours, and we love to explore our great country. Whether it is the ocean or the mountains, the beauty is stunning and relaxing.

Our Faith

Our faith is the center of our lives. We both were raised in strong Christian homes, and we plan to raise our child in the same way. We are able to be a part of a great church with a passion for the next generation. It is a priority for us to attend and be actively involved in church each week. We also are involved in a great couples Bible Study each week.

Our Musical Interest

We both love music. Cody has worship music playing in our home from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. "Death was Arrested" by North Point is his favorite song. We also enjoy listening to country music as well. Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line are a couple of our favorite artists. Cody enjoys playing the bass, electric and acoustic guitars. Molly enjoys playing the piano. We hope to be able to raise our children to love music as well.

About Our Home

We live in a cozy 4 bedroom farmhouse on the family ranch just a few miles outside of a small town. Cody's parents are our neighbors and live about 100 yards away. There is so much room to play and run around. An above-ground pool is situated nearby, with a fence around it for double protection. We have chickens, barn cats, and horses. We live about 25 miles away from the nearest grocery store, so we make road trips into town a fun outing by either going to a fast-food restaurant or by getting a special treat or drink at the store.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old




We are open to either gender.

Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest being 4 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for reading through our website and learning more about us! We are very excited to welcome your child into our family, and are thrilled to share our love for nature and games with them! We promise to love, support, and cherish them and share our faith with them. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and visits with you and would love to hear from you soon!

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