Create an Adoption Plan for Your Child

After calling or texting us at 1-800-923-6784, here are the steps you will be guided through:

1. Contact our Adoption Coordinator by phone, text, chat or email here and share with us the reason you would like to make an Adoption Plan for your child or children. We are here to listen and to help.

2. Fill out the older child adoption paperwork, whether online (link to form) or over the phone with one of our Adoption Coordinators.

3. We will order medical records, school records.

4. Think about the type of adoption you want, open or semi-open, the kind of contact you want, and the type of Adoptive Parents you are seeking.

5. Select from the Adoptive Parents we have open to older children. We can always send you printed profiles you can select from or direct you to specific Adoptive Families on our site.

6. Once you have chosen an Adoptive Family, you will want to talk to them. We can facilitate the first call as a three-way call if you would like, or you may start out texting them or call them yourself – we will provide you with common questions to ask Adoptive Parents.

7. Anytime during this process, you may want to speak to a counselor (there is no cost to you) or even one of our birth mothers that have also gone through adoption.

8. You will want to arrange to meet the Adoptive Parents and see how they are around your child and develop a relationship with them. We have suggestions on where to meet etc.

9. Decide with your Adoption Coordinator options you have and how you would like for the day the Adoptive Parents take custody of your child or children to go. You have many options. Perhaps a stay over first.

10. You will be speaking to a social worker and attorney, depending on your state requirements, there is no cost to you.

11. You will not be required to go to court. In most adoptions, this is all done without having to make appearances and is confidential.

12. During the whole process, we will be in contact with you and guiding you through the steps. Attorneys are for signing of termination of parental rights and other paperwork required by law to make the adoption legal and safe. All legal fees are covered by the Adoptive Parents.

13. After the child or children have been placed with the Adoptive Parents, you will continue to receive updates as per your Open Adoption Agreement with the Adoptive Parents.

14. Stay in touch with your Adoption Coordinator with updates.

If you are ready to explore adoption options, fill out this form.

(Filling out this form does not commit you to adoption, this is used to start exploring your options)