The Steps to an Adoption Plan

After calling or texting us at 1-800-923-6784, here are the steps you will be guided through:

1. Fill out paperwork either online or by phone.

2. Decide on the type of adoption you want, open, semi-open adoption and the amount of contact you would like to have during the pregnancy and after the baby has been placed with the Adoptive Parents

3. You may request more in-depth profiles to be sent by mail or emailed to you.

4. Select one to three Adoptive Families to speak to, or we can choose for you with your wishes in mind.

5. Decide if you would like to speak to a counselor or another birth mother.

6. Meet adoptive parents, by Skype, in person, invite them, if you like, to a doctor’s appointment. (We will share with you questions you might want to ask them).

7. Maintain contact with your Adoption Coordinator and Adoptive Parents.

8. Decide, with your Adoption Coordinator, what you would like to have happen at the hospital or if your child is already born – how you would like the placement to take place.

9. You do not need to go to court – everything is confidential. Adoption finalization time varies per state.

Through the process of making an Adoption Plan, it’s natural to have questions that come up. We are only a phone call or text away. We are always there for you – you may also speak with one of our attorneys about laws anytime. There are never any costs through the process. Often the adoptive parents, if allowed by law, will be able to assist in financial assistance to help pay for medical bills not covered by your insurance, living expenses, counseling, maternity clothes, food, and all legal expenses.

If you are ready to explore adoption options, fill out this form.

(Filling out this form does not commit you to adoption, this is used to start exploring your options)

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