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A Letter from Chuck & Michelle

We are an Air Force family currently living in Virginia. We welcome you to take the time to learn more about us and want to thank you for trusting us to raise your child. Children are the biggest blessing one can be entrusted with and we count it an honor for you to consider us. Together, we have raised 2 young men and are now raising our daughter.  We have so much love to share with your child and are thrilled to be growing our family through adoption.

Our Story

We met through a running group in Texas. Being long-distance trail runners, we spent countless hours running, sharing experiences, talking, and planning how we wanted to spend the rest of our life together. We feel blessed to have a very healthy marriage. Communication is a key piece of this and our secret is simply being kind to one another. We love just being together, sharing moments, traveling the world, learning about new cultures and making memories. We are excited to continue building our family and sharing these gifts with your baby boy at the center of our lives.

About Chuck

I’m proud to call Chuck my husband. His genuine, passionate concern for others, is evident in his work as an Air Force Chaplain. Chuck is a lifetime learner working on his Ph.D. in Psychology. He’s outgoing, quick-witted, and has a great sense of humor. Hiking, fishing, and watching movies are some of his favorite activities. He’s continually loved, invested in, and shaped our children’s lives and he inspires them to attain their fullest potential. He is excited to continue passing on Godly values of compassion and justice to our next child. His example of positive productive masculinity will provide our son with a strong foundation to discover his purpose in this world.

About Michelle

Michelle is the most flexible, hospitable, and selfless person I know. She loves doing for others and will put their needs before her own. Her passion is cooking and baking. She is regularly baking cupcakes or other sweet desserts for our Airmen, friends, and neighbors. She enjoys having friends over and hosting unit dinners in our home. Her love of cooking and nutrition ensures we have the most delicious and nutritious meals.  She loves being a stay-at-home mom. She possesses a generous, forgiving spirit and unconditional love and is so excited to pass on these qualities to our son.

Our Children & Our Family

We each have children from previous marriages. Together we raised Michelle’s two boys, Kole and Kevin, and they have grown into fine young men. We are currently raising Chuck’s 11-year-old daughter, Kora, who visits us often and whom we love calling and video chatting with between visits.

Our children are fortunate to have been exposed to many cultures and have a bigger vision of the world than most children their age. Kora is fun-loving and always looking for ways to be helpful. Kevin likes to play golf and lacrosse and is considering enlisting in the Air Force. Kole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and hopes to become a pilot when he commissions in the Air Force. Our children are excited to welcome their new brother! They are excited to enjoy family dinners and game nights around the table together as a family.

Our Home in Virginia

Our beautiful 3-story home is located in a quiet neighborhood with lots of amenities. The community is beautifully landscaped and features trails, sidewalks and paths that wind around a scenic pond and gazebo. There are five tot lots and two swimming pools as well as tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. With many nature parks, hiking trails, and playgrounds nearby we can be out exploring and playing within minutes.

Our Promise

We understand what it means to raise a child and can earnestly say that your child will enjoy a home that is stable, loving, and focused on the values of compassion and justice. He’ll be given every resource to mature into the person he was born to become. We’ll ensure that he grows up knowing his story and your love. Our home will be full of wonder, curiosity, joy, and commitment. We promise to raise your child to be a confident, kind, and productive man. We would cherish the opportunity to send pictures either by mail, email, or social media of his many travels as he learns about world cultures and grows into the man he will become. We are also open to sharing phone calls and visits if you would like.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chuck & Michelle

  Chuck Michelle
Our EducationPh.D. student, Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling; Master of Divinity Degree; Bachelor of Science DegreeCertificates in Business Administration, Accounting, and Medical Administration
Our ProfessionsStaff Chaplain, Plans and Programs Division, Office of the Chief of ChaplainsHousewife
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Chuck & Michelle's Favorites
Favorite activity togetherHiking in beautiful placesTravelling to new destinations
Favorite children's bookOh the places you will go!Go, Dog. Go!
Favorite place on EarthAnacapri on the island of Capri, absolutely gorgeousOur wedding destination, Ambergris Caye in San Pedro, Belize
What I love most about my spouseThe way Michelle selflessly, sacrificially, and naturally takes care of others with no judgementHis commitment to our marriage, our family, and our future.
Our passionLearning/EducationCooking and baking
More About Our Family
Our Multigenerational Home

Our home includes Chuck, Michelle, and Chuck's mom (Judy) making us a multi-generational home. This arrangement provides greater stability and support for everyone in the home. Judy provides a positive influence and added life experience, known as wisdom. She is commonly heard saying that she cannot wait to sit and rock our next child in her rocking chair. She stays physically active and is independent. We eat dinner together every night and enjoy talks around the table telling stories and sharing many laughs. Judy is a source of advice and another set of arms for hugs, ears when you need to talk, and love after a hard day. We cannot imagine our home without her and are thankful to have her with us.

Where We Are In Life

As parents of older children who have reached adulthood as well as currently raising an 11-year-old, we have a lot of experience to offer. Chuck's career is at the point where he has great flexibility. He can continue for years to come or retire at any time allowing him to then focus completely on your child while being financially secure so that he does not have to continue working full-time if at all. Michelle is a homemaker and enjoys babysitting part-time for other military families for fun. We see this as a real opportunity to ensure attentive parenting with the daily duties of raising a child. We will raise your child with love and provide for him in all ways.

Our Faith

We are a Christian family as Chuck is a chaplain in the Air Force. As a chaplain, he is trained in all the major world religions as it is his job to ensure that all service-members and their families have the opportunity to worship in their own way as guaranteed by the Constitution. We have raised our boys in church and our daughter makes it her habit to pray before meals and bedtime. We leave religion as a choice for our boys to choose for themselves, but we have raised them with Christian values and beliefs. Most of all we treasure compassion for ourselves, others, and the Earth. We try to be good stewards of all. We practice justice and teach our children to be just and to practice compassion by defending the defenseless, providing for those in need, and providing assistance to those who need it. We are so proud of them as we see them practicing these things remembering the grace and mercy they have been provided. They understand how blessed they are and desire to share those blessings with those around them.

Our Adventures Around the World

We love traveling the world together. The military makes that easy and we do not waste any time. The cultural experiences this affords has been invaluable for our children. They have friends all over the world and have a wider view of the world from the perspective of various cultures and languages. We make it a priority to buy an ornament from every destination. It makes decorating our Christmas tree so much fun as we talk about the memories we have of each trip.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 3 years old


Yes! Two boys or a boy and a girl.



Sibling Group

We are open to a sibling group with at least 1 boy with the oldest up to 3 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and getting to know a little about us. We believe in unconditional love, the power of education, and the need for beauty. We believe that staying close to God and one another strengthens stability and security. We will raise our child to have strong Christian values, encourage him to pursue his dreams, and fulfill the plan God has for his life. He will be taught to act justly, love compassionately, and walk humbly with a sense of pride in who he is and where he comes from.

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