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A Letter from Brian & Holly

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as we seek to start our family through the blessing of adoption! We look forward to giving your child a home filled with love, laughter and all of the opportunities that life has to offer. We know that adoption is the path God intended for us to follow. We are excited to get to know you, hear your dreams, and your wishes for your child.

Our Story

In 2009 we both decided that we were ready to turn our hard work towards love. We found each other through an Internet matchmaking service and got engaged at Disney World just over a year later. We have now been married for 8 years and are excited to add to our family. After many attempts and speaking with professionals, we learned that it would not be possible for us to have children. We’re so excited to now begin our journey into adoption and to become first-time parents to your child!

We enjoy playing ball with our sweet and energetic 8-year-old miniature schnauzer named Lincoln, family game nights, long walks in our neighborhood, watching sports, going on roller coasters and visiting the animals at the zoo. We have tons of fun baking mountains of Christmas cookies every year and grilling out for family get togethers.  We are excited to share our interests and love as a family with your child.

Brian through Holly's eyes

The two things that instantly attracted me to Brian were his compassion and his sense of humor. Brian is able to make me laugh and is always there to make things better on a bad day. He played sports in High School and enjoys watching his favorite teams; the Cincinnati Bengals and Kentucky Wildcats. He has always enjoyed working with computers from gaming to learning various skills. Brian also takes pride and enjoyment from maintaining our house and yard. With a new house comes new landscaping which is his current project, growing that perfect lawn!

He is extremely optimistic and imaginative. I have watched Brian through the years with his cousin’s stepson and my niece and know that he will be a playful, loving, and responsible dad. Brian is excited to share his love of sports and is looking forward to supporting our child in all that they put their mind to!

Holly through Brian's eyes

Holly is the most incredible person I have met. She has worked all over the United States in churches and hospitals. She loves to volunteer, has a strong faith, and genuinely cares about everyone she meets. What sets Holly apart is her heart. She has a lot of love to give and she is so excited to share that love as a mother.

Holly works as a small church Pastor and a private practice Life Coach. She is passionate and dedicated to the causes she believes in such as providing care and spiritual guidance to others. Holly would love to show our child how to cook family recipes and to teaching our child that love is an action, not just a word.

Our Home in Kentucky

We live in a family-friendly cul-de-sac in a suburban area with a spacious backyard and plenty of room for playing. We have wide sidewalks for afternoon walks and bike rides, a community playground, and a pool perfect for summer swims. Our 3 bedroom home was built in 2017 and is located close to our work, for short commutes, and is a short drive from the big city for fun day trips! Our home is the gathering place for many of our family events such as holidays, birthdays, and family game nights.

Our Family

With Brian’s family nearby, we gather twice a month for dinner, game nights, birthdays, and large family gatherings. Holly’s parents are in Texas, as is her sister and family. Her parents visit twice a year for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Our entire family is looking forward to welcoming your child home and including them in our family gatherings,  holidays, and vacations- specifically Disney World! We are excited to share our family traditions such as Christmas morning breakfast and Sunday afternoon football just to name a few.

Our Promise

We promise that your child will be cherished and protected throughout their lives. He or she will grow up knowing love, learning kindness, valuing hard work, discovering their faith, and appreciating a good education. We look forward to sharing emails, letters, and pictures as your child grows and would be honored to have yearly visits. Your child’s health and happiness will be our highest priority. We will help them to shine every day and help them grow into the amazing person they are meant to be.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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An audio message from Brian & Holly

  Brian Holly
Our EducationBS Business ManagementD.Min Pastoral Care
Our ProfessionsFinancial Analyst Minister / Life Coach
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Brian & Holly's Favorites
Favorite FoodCheeseburger Pasta
TV ShowGame of ThronesThe Resident
Date NightAmusement ParkBroadway Show and Dinner
Hobby / Past TimeVideo GamesVolunteering / Singing
Disney MovieLion KingMulan
Vacation DestinationHawaiiEurope
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both enjoy a good roller coaster and love to visit the animals at the zoo. Holly does a lot of volunteer work and is a very active leader of our church. Brian enjoys a good video game and taking care of our home. We both are good cooks and enjoy a night curled up on the couch watching one of our favorite TV shows.

Our Faith

Holly is the pastor of our church thus, a leader within our church family. Brian believes strongly in raising our child in the Christian Faith. We enjoy church community outreach events and we often attend a more contemporary mega-church on Saturday evenings.

Our Musical Interest

We have a very wide array of musical interest. Holly is more of a Country girl and Brian prefers Alternative/Classic Rock. We share a love for Broadway, Movie Soundtracks, 80's, and 90's.

About Our Home

Our home was built in 2017 and has 4 bedrooms. The house has an open floor plan with a large family room. We have a nice flat backyard to play in and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood for walking. Our home is built near the end of a cul-de-sac. As we went through the process of buying/building our new home we kept in mind our plans of adding to our family and have several good schools nearby.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old.


We would be beyond excited to welcome twins into our family.


We are open to both genders.

Sibling Group

We are open to a sibling group with the youngest being newborn and the oldest up to five years old.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as parents for your child. We look forward to nurturing and supporting your child every day. They would truly be our star and we will help them to shine in every way. We wish you all the best.

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