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So I Was Thinking About Adoption

Every child deserves a loving family... but sometimes love is simply not enough.

  • Are you struggling to provide the life you want for your child?
  • Has the thought of providing parents for your child crossed your mind?
  • Are you pregnant, asking yourself over and over again how you are going to be a mother?
  • Did you adopt, only to realize that this child is not a good fit for your family?
  • Perhaps you are a grandparent struggling to raise your grandchildren?

Whatever the reason for visiting our site, please know you are not alone.

This is a safe, confidential place to get information and explore some of the options for you and the child or children you care about.

Adoption today gives you choices and opportunities for ongoing contact. You are able to select and speak with the family you choose for your child. You will be able to receive photos, letters, phone calls, emails, or even visits with your child if you desire. A Family for Every child has African American, bi-racial, Hispanic, and East Indian families available.

Whether you are looking for help with an older child or one yet to be born, we can help.

You can get started right now by browsing adoptive families or calling

Our caring coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And everything is always confidential.


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